IT Development

IT Development

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Task 1: Finance: Company (Legal Entity)

Set up New Legal Entity in NAV

Set up New Legal Entity in VMS (Organization)

Set up company name, address

VAT Number

Bank Account Details

Task 2: Architecture: Create New Business City
Task 3: Finance: Configure Taxes and VAT - Apartments, Gastro, SPA, Showroom Parking and Cellar

NAV: Run Sync after the settings will be added on the Business Cities

Task 4: Integration with Navision Dynamics

Give company code in NAV

Upload templates for this database

Verify ‘not synchronised’ dictionaries (like country codes, currencies, etc)

Configure synchronisation setup

Task 5: City Tax

Develop New City Tax Set up

Configure City Tax

Activate automatic city tax calculation

Task 6: Payment Method: Six SaferPay

Get from SIX new CUSTOMERID, TERMINALID, API credentials

Send form to get access to Six Safer Pay Admin for new Customer ID

Develop / Configure New API

Task 7: Architects & Marketing: Create a Building, Rental Objects, Apartments, Gastro, SPA, Cellars

Take photos of building and apartments, format, resize and process photos, upload photos

Upload building plans

Create new concept, assign an existing style or create a new one in the dictionary, assign furniture form the selected style

Create a plan of object to all of the apartments/rooms

Create groups for identical apartments & rental objects

Define categories for apartments


Task 8: Architects & Marketing: Create parking

Take photos, format, resize and process photos, upload photos

Upload floor plans

Add all parking places belonging to the parking

Task 9: Key System

Develop integration with key system

Choose the correct key system in VMS

Configure key system server and admin is configured and provide number of digits in the code

Task 10: Cleaning days: define & set up no cleaning days
Task 11: Document templates: create new templates with needed content
Task 12: Workflow: business city/building related triggers
Task 13: Website building check

Check that the building and apartments together with photos, descriptions, prices, taxes are clearly visible and there are no problems with searching the location

Task 14: VMS Login: create profiles in VMS for employees
Task 15: Distribution: Magarental/Siteminder setup & OTA setup

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